Sprinter - Executive Limo

Mercedes Sprinter Limousine Edition. Offering accomdations for up to 10 passengers.
Equipped with 2 22″LED TV's, advanced premium sound system 1- 10″ subwoofer/ 1000 watt Amp, AM/FM, DVD, CD, IPOD, USB, HDMI port is perfect for presentations from your laptop or IPAD for our corporate clients or playing video or pictures on the big screen directly from your phone during a night on the town and special event. Coffee bar console between front seat with ice chest, cups and napkin holders. No need to worry about the middle of the summer heat in an all black vehicle. Ceiling with mirror Stainless panels and fiber optic points for a party style atmosphere but can be turned off and white lights on for our corporate clients during road shows.
Our Mercedes-Benz Limousine Sprinter is great for entertaining corporate guests, customers, or just a night out on the town.